An overview of the compliance rules
in force at R4S

1) We obey the law
We don't just act in accordance with the law - we also respect applicable
ethics principles.We carry out all of our activities in accordance
with the law applicable in the countries in which we operate.
na terenie których działamy.

2) We settle tax obligations
We feel responsible for our contribution to the implementation of state duties, and so we comply with tax and social security regulations
by settling our obligations in accordance with the law,
and in a fair and timely manner.

3) We combat corruption, bribery and money laundering
Corruption, bribery and money laundering poison the free market
and lead to consequences that are detrimental to society
as a whole.Thanks to the transparent procedures introduced at R4S,
we avoid any situations that could give even the slightest impression
of the abovementioned actions.

4) We respect our Employees and Associates
All our Employees and Associates are extremely important to us,
which is why we make every effort to ensure that they feel great with us.
We ensure that they are employed and paid based on fair,
competitive and lawful terms. We respect and protect the dignity
of all of our Employees and Associates, which is why we don't tolerate
any type of discrimination. We believe that everyone deserves
not only a decent salary and comfortable working conditions,
but above all, to be able to fulfil their professional aspirations
and only perform work that brings them satisfaction.

5) We comply with the rules of corporate and social responsibility (CSR)
Business shouldn't be just about money, because the maturity
of an enterprise also includes concern for the company's internal
and external environment, which is why we have a number of initiatives
and join social campaigns that help build a socially responsible business.

6) We avoid conflicts of interest
We verify all situations that may lead to a conflict of interest in a special manner, and thanks to the principles of equal treatment and impartiality in place at our company, we prevent such situations.

7) We protect the information and data entrusted to us
Word has it that the most valuable raw material in the world
is information, and so the data we receive from clients are subject
to special protection.Our clients can feel safe thanks to the confidentiality
agreements and information flow rules we have introduced.

8) We care about the environment
We make sure that our operations have the least possible impact
on the natural environment, which is why we've implemented rules
that reduce, in particular, the use of materials and energy.
We believe that everyone is able to contribute to environmental protection through their daily activities.