At the beginning of October, we began a new stage of development of our company – we opened a Hungarian branch. This is the first step of the agency's international expansion to more Central European countries. During the celebrations in Budapest, we hosted the Prime Minister of Hungary – Victor Orbán – and almost 100 representatives of companies operating in Hungary.

In his speech, the Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbán, said: "The V4 region is a place of dynamic development, future and growth. It must take advantage of this moment and jointly strive to grow and strengthen. If V4 countries are able to do this, an influential player will appear in Europe. For this to happen, we need the willingness and skills of Polish and Hungarian entrepreneurs who will talk, collaborate, and build business and relations.".

"Building close relationships between Poland and Hungary won't happen automatically. We'll only be successful if the process involves people who invest their energy, time and money. That's why I'm very happy that this young Polish team is now in Hungary" – added the head of the Hungarian government during the celebrations.

We're convinced that this is exactly what'll happen. After all, Hungary was our first expansion for a reason. We were present here earlier as a Polish entity. "I know the Hungarian environment and that's why I'm very pleased that we opened our first foreign company in Budapest," said Igor Janke – R4S partner responsible for international development – at the celebrations.